The Fight Begins!

Long time no see. I was waiting for the big Berks Assault 2 to be over, and with that tournament passed, I’m now dividing my time equally between Fantasy and 40k! And that means this blog will be more active. So here is the first bit…

The Tale has begun! The only other person that will be accepted is Steve, as we talked. He may jump in at some point. As for now, we are LOCKED. All lists are final. The first round will be played and finished by July 1st. By then, you should have at least 1 500 point battle against your assigned player played, plus any more of either 500 or varying points to your desire (please report them anyway, and feel free to include them into your fluff!) By July 1st, your first 500 points should be completely painted, as well as based.

Players will get 10 points for a win, 7 each for a draw, and 5 for a loss. Meeting all painting requirments will net another 10 points, painted, but not based, will net 7, half of your addition painted will net 5 points, and no new paint will grant 0 points. This is the initial scoring, which may be dropped to just continue the campaign for fun should I feel it becomes too tedious. Now, for battle assignments, as determined by a D6…

1: Alex S. (Dwarves) versus Mike M. (Chaos Daemons)
2: Charlie E. (Warriors of Chaos) versus Mark VH. (High Elves) [Imagine that, I rolled, I swear =P]
3. Colin G. (Tomb Kings) versus Mike B. (Orcs n’ Goblins)

Looks like we managed a purely Order versus Disorder round! Everybody should post to show they’ve seen the assignments, as well as the outcomes of the battles. Battles may be played at any point. Get studying, and get painting! To arms men!

This will be the first round, the next consisting of 750 points. But only 250 new points, the other 500 must consist of the same units (but command structures, number of models, and magical items can be changed at will). Also, remember Lord’s and Heroes may ALWAYS be switched out at will, however you must remember that your main character must stay of the same doctrine (give them a signiture mount, and/or they can’t switch between fighter and mage. Pick one.)

Have fun! The next post will be army fluff for another of our players!

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