A Tale of 6 Gamers:

Welcome to the Berks 40k Warhammer Fantasy blog! This blog will be primarily featuring the current event- A Tale of 6 Gamers from Berks Gaming Club.

This is an event where 6 gamers start with 500 points of army and will add 250 points every month and a half or so, eventually achieving full armies and epic battles. The players are as follows:
High Elves: Mark VH (me)

Dwarves: Alex S.

Tomb Kings: Colin G.

Orks and Goblins: Mike B.

Chaos Daemons: Mike M.

Vampire Counts: Erik B.

Currently, the “competition” is just begun. Armies are beginning to be assembled, and 500 point lists are beginning to be submitted by the competators. Here is the first of the 6 starting 500 point army lists, featuring none other then Alex’s dwarves!

He's shorter, AND stronger then you.

Morgrim Strongarm being a young dwarf set out from Karaz-a-Karak with a band of warriors to earn gold and honour for their family. He was also tasked with a sacred task of fulfilling a Grudge against the most hated enemy of the dwarfs… the goblins

500 Points Submission:
Thane (Morgrim Strongarm) 72
Rune of Stone, Shield

10 Dwarf Warriors 115
Shields, Full command

10 thunderers 165
Full command

Dwarf Cannon 90

Dwarf Bolt Thrower 55
Rune of reloading


Next list to be posted will be our Tomb Kings player! Stay tuned! This blog will cover battle reports, fluff postings, army lists, and everything in between for our Tale of 6 Gamers, as well as Warhammer Fantasy in gerenral!

See you next time!


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